Apple Advertising: A New View on Accessorizing


In another display of their revolutionary marketing techniques, Apple has released a television commercial highlighting the customization of MacBooks as they have become a bigger part of our every day lives than ever before. Apple is famous for their modern style of advertising, focusing on energetic images of the life-changing effects that their products have on users, but this approach focusing on how we alter our devices to fit our personal style is brand new.

In recent years, many of their television advertising campaigns have focused on showing up-close views of the components of their product, including computer-generated images of the iPhones dancing their way in to existence to the tune of Indie rock music on a crisp white background.

In the newest additioMacbook 540x400 2n to the collection of well-produced commercials, Apple focuses on the life and style the device takes on itself, rather than talking about the value that the MacBook offers to its users’ lives. With the laptop flipped open, the Apple emblem visible on the back of the screen, the MacBook wiggles its way through a series of costume changes. The commercial starts by dressing the apple itself up in mustaches, Mohawks, and hats, before integrating the apple in to different artistic renderings. Stickers adorn the computer, ranging from the Apple playing the role of the sun in a multitude of outdoor settings, to Scrat, the acorn-obsessed squirrel from the movie Ice Age, hauling the apple on his back as if it were his beloved acorn.

The message? Your Mac, your style. As generation after generation of Apple devices pass us by, we see their lives flashing before our eyes, decorated to match whatever makes us feel passion: an element of our lives that Apple has always been enthusiastic about acknowledging. In an age where our technology has become an accessory to our lifestyle and a facilitator of our passions, how will you dress your Apple?

If you have comments about the new Apple commercial and its message about the changing role of technology in our lives, share your ideas and thoughts with us below!

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Most Precise Wrap in the World


From the heartland to your hands, the SlickWrap process of research and development leads to a wrap of the finest precision in the world! From the moment a new device is in our hands, our team based out of Andover, KS works tirelessly to roll out a new wrap design and have it ready and flawless within a week or two of receiving it.

Before our production designer, R&D, receives the new LG G3 this week, he will start by researching the product extensively to understand all of its components. After reaching out to the device’s maker for any information they might offer, including blueprints, he will wait for the product arrival so he can begin to work manually towards producing the mock-ups.Slickwraps Precise Wraps

R&D 3D scans and traces the product almost the moment it is out of the box. Their trace will then be input in to the computer software that runs the pressure cutting machines where, just a day or two after having a brand new device, a prototype will be cut and applied to the device, the beginning of the fine-tuning process. Any adjustments to the design will be made down to hundredths of a millimeter. New mock-ups will be produced repeatedly and scrutinized for perfection, until the shape is sleek and beautiful, ready for the testing phase.

During testing, Wi-Fi capability, proximity sensors, and connection to the network are all checked to ensure the wrap doesn’t interfere with any of the device’s functions. If, after aesthetic design adjustments and functionality tests, the product is given the go-ahead, SlickWraps prepares for the product launch and before you know it, your phone is wrapped in the newest, hottest design available!

We love sharing bits and pieces of our world with you. Do you have any questions about how SlickWraps brings you the best products on the market? If so, share your thoughts with us below!


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iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display!


The rumors have been confirmed and it’s official:  iPhone is releasing both the 4.7” and 5.5” models of the iPhone 6 geared up with the incredibly durable material already decking out current models as the camera lens and home button.  Sapphire Crystal is making its mark on the industry in the format of a perfectly transparent, seemingly impossible to scratch, screen.  If we’re being literal, iPhone is putting a stop to undesirable marks in the industry, which is something we’ve all been waiting for since the first generation of iPhone rolled out in 2007.


In a video by MKBHD, the revolutionary screen is proven to be beyond scratch resistant, as a knife is driven in to it to no avail, car keys are ground against it in a failed attempt at marring the surface, and it is even bent nearly 90 degrees while pinned beneath his shoe, only to find it flawlessly intact as it is held up to the camera for inspection after his cruel, but thorough, hazing of the newest celebrity of the tech scene.  If Apple sticks to the design in the future, the need for screen protectors will be completely eliminated, buried in the past with external antennas and archaic clunky silhouettes.


Up until now, this expensive, synthetically produced material has been reserved for use on a small scale, often having been used for watch faces, military use, and shatterproof windows.  The Mohs scale gives this material an impressive “9”, exceeded by the diamond which rests at “10”.  Seeing the potential in this material, Apple made a $578 million dollar investment in Sapphire Crystal at GT Advanced Technologies, an Arizona producer of the substance prepared to raise the durability bar to an all new high.


What does this mean for iPhone users around the world?  Finally, we can all do away with the screen protectors, shatter-proofing cases, and other bulky products that take away from the ultimate beauty of the design that Apple puts extensive research in to designing for the users’ benefit.  Slim and sexy décor will be the way of the future, enhancing a carefully molded design with personalized appearance without altering the actual lines of the phone that accompanies you everywhere you go.


With the iPhone 6 slated for release in mid-September, what other surprises do you think Apple has in store for us?  Comment below to let us know your thoughts on the release.



Information courtesy of:, MKBHD Quality Tech Videos




iPhone 6 Speculations


Rumors have been swirling around about all of the possibilities of what will come with the new iPhone 6 will entail. So far here’s what we think we know:

  • It will have a larger screen, possibly even 2 sizes a 4.7 or a 5.5
  • Saphire crystal screen
  • Faster and more efficient A8 chip
  • There’s been speculations of a ring flash rather than the dual flash that debuted on the 5S
  • There may be a debut of an m8 processor
  • Fall/September debut

All that being said there have also been a few ‘dream’ videos posted of different mock-ups by fans of what they’re expecting.

All that being said, what do you think the new iPhone 6 will have? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Introducing Slickwraps for the HTC One (M8)



If you’re checking out this blog, chances are you’ve already purchased the HTC One and are looking to stylize it with Slickwraps. Or, you’re on the fence about getting this hot new device. Either way, we’ve got you covered. We’re taking a look at the all new Slickwraps available for the HTC One (M8), as well as the features of HTC One’s newest gadget!

Introducing Slickwraps for the HTC One (M8)

The HTC One (M8) is innovation at its finest, and we want to make sure we’re enhancing the experience, not interfering. Every wrap you get will be precision cut, to guarantee an interference-free experience with your phone. We’re hands on every step of the way with your wrap, from the production process to packaging. The best part? You can keep the sleek, intended design of the thin, curved HTC One (M8) and still get the protection and style you want. At Slickwraps we use a high-quality adhesive, and commercial grade material, to give you the most protection with the least amount of bulk.

What you can expect from Slickwraps: HTC_One_M8_back_carbon_black

  • Dozens of styles to choose from – Apart from our popular series like Carbon Fiber, Metal and Wood, expect even more choices with the HTC One (M8). We’re releasing plenty of extras for you, including the Cork and Real Leather Series’. Plus, brand new styles you’ve not seen before!
  • Precision cutouts for ports and buttons
  • 360-degrees of protection – Front, Back and Side wraps
  • Custom Fit XD Screen protector with every wrap
  • Removable and reusable, guaranteed not to leave any residue on your phone

Now that you’re an expert for the newest edition to the Slickwraps line-up, it’s time to take a look for yourself! Follow the link below to check out all the great styles and colors available for the new HTC One (M8).

>> Show me the wraps!

HTC One (M8)

HTC_One_M8_side_carbon_blackIf you’re still reading, chances are you’re on the fence about the HTC One (M8). Maybe you’re hesitant to upgrade or just aren’t sure to make the investment. Let us help you out! We’re taking a look at some of the tech specs of this latest device.

What to expect from HTC:

  • Gorilla-Glass display
  • 1080 x 1920 HD Resolution with wide angle viewing, LCD Screen
  • U-Focus: Allows you to edit the focus of photos after they’ve been taken
  • Next-Generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor – TRANSLATION – blazing fast!
  • Dual, Front-facing HTC Boomsound speakers
  • 9.35 mm thin, with curved design for comfortable grip
  • Simple, user-friendly camera, with customizable features

Tech Specs courtesy of

So there you have it, a closer look into one of the newest devices on the market  – and better yet – the dozens of possibilities you have to customize it. Make sure to keep checking back to, as we’re constantly releasing new colors and styles to suit every personality!

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